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About your frustration with the maxi skirt doll only being available in Canada, sadly I was actually excited to read this, finally something just for us! Your Girl of Today makes her holiday debut as the Sugar Plum fairy! Retrieved 22 November Meet Isabelle the Dancer". Luciana's love for science and dreams to be the first person to Mars is sure to ignite an interest in young girls.

A new Girl of the Year makes her debut each January and inspires girls with enthusiasm, creativity, and determination. Girl of the Year characters are dynamic and fun! They celebrate girlhood with uniqueness—and, through engaging adventures, empower girls to be their best.
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“To expand the brand, we created Bitty Baby dolls and books for younger girls, and for older girls we created modern girl dolls, American Girl magazine, and a line of advice books about.
The American Girl Doll-Sized Chicago Cubs outfit was a promotion at Wrigley Field on September 7, when the Cubs played the Milwaukee Brewers. The doll outfits were only given out to the first 4, girls 13 years old and younger.
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American Girl is an American line of inch (46 cm) dolls released in by Pleasant Company. The dolls portray eight- to eleven-year-old girls of a variety of ethnicities. They are sold with accompanying books told from the viewpoint of the girls.

I wish they would bring back Felicity and kirsten as well! The inspired girl outfits are great! I miss the retired dolls but I love seeing new items too. But if the dresses make me look like a giant family dinner table with legs or I rip through them like The Incredible She-Hulk, I can still say that I at least tried.

I can probably wear them! But they are all adorable! I do like the doll inspired fashions for girls, but really think they should have been added to the collections in doll size too.

Especially for Josefina and Kaya. Ok, now your turn. Maggie on August 29, at 8: Tiff-a-Turkey on August 29, at 8: Jessica Rae on August 29, at 8: Oh, I love them all! Sue on August 29, at 8: Gretl on August 29, at 9: Christian Homeschooler on August 29, at 9: Candice Lacy on August 29, at 9: Sharry on August 29, at 9: Shannon on August 29, at 9: Julia F on August 29, at 9: I love the modernized outfits! Tony on August 29, at 9: Christie on August 29, at 9: Hawaii is opening with an AG store and so is Orlando Florida.

Mary on August 29, at AGJulie on August 29, at I love all the outfits! GEM on August 29, at Norah on August 29, at I love Kayas outfit!! Too young for me though. Vanessa Knutsen on August 29, at Hoping they continue to build such bridges…! Emily on August 29, at 1: Chloe on August 29, at 2: I also wish they would open a store in Oklahoma! Angie on August 29, at 3: Marie on August 29, at 3: Venus on August 29, at 9: Nina on August 30, at 6: Kaya is a young girl from the Nimiipuu or Nez Perce tribe living in the pre-contact Northwest.

Themes in her core series focus on leadership, compassion, courage, and attachment. Chronologically, Kaya's adventures are the earliest of the historical characters.

Kaya is depicted as brave and outgoing, but careless and thoughtless, and wants to be a leader of her people. Her role model is a female warrior named Swan Circling. Created in collaboration with a consultation team that included representatives from the Nez Perce tribe, [7] Kaya is the only Native American doll made by American Girl to date.

Kaya is the only doll in the series not to show teeth, per tribal custom. Kaya is also the first doll in the series to not follow the book naming customs established by previously-released characters — the second book in the series is titled Kaya's Escape instead of Kaya Learns a Lesson.

Felicity Merriman is an auburn haired, horse-loving girl living in Williamsburg, Virginia , who is caught between Patriot and Loyalist family and friends at the onset of the American Revolution.

Themes in her core books include loyalty and staying true to one's ideals. Felicity is depicted as spunky, brave, and free-spirited, and is often fed up with the customs that young women are expected to observe at the time, much to her mother's disappointment. She can be a little brash, impatient and foolish sometimes, and sets her heart on things often. She is also quite outspoken, but will stand up to bullies, as she did with Jiggy Nye.

Felicity also is not afraid to tease Annabelle, Elizabeth's older sister, coming up with the name "Bananabelle". She eventually learns to be more ladylike throughout the series; however, she is still quite active. Many items from Felicity's collection were retired in the early s, but when Felicity's core books were dramatized for Felicity: An American Girl Adventure on November 29, , new products were introduced in her collection.

On August 27, , American Girl announced on its website that the Felicity and Elizabeth collection would be archived. On March 28, , Felicity, Elizabeth and their respective collections were officially archived.

In February Felicity was re-introduced as part of BeForever. Elizabeth Cole is Felicity's best friend, despite her Loyalist family leanings during the American Revolution. In spite of being quiet and shy, she is known to poke fun at her older sister Annabelle with Felicity — this stems from being teased at by Annabelle, who gave her younger sister the nickname "Bitsy".

Elizabeth is also shown to be somewhat wealthier, as evidenced by having a larger home, and a larger garden. The Elizabeth doll was introduced in August as the second Best Friend doll with a book written by author Valerie Tripp , and the character was prominently featured in Felicity: An American Girl Adventure. In the original Felicity book illustrations, Elizabeth had brown hair and eyes but the character's appearance was revised to have blue eyes and blonde hair with the release of the Felicity DVD and Elizabeth doll.

Later editions of the Felicity books were re-illustrated to reflect these changes and edit Elizabeth's physical description. One day, when her father is captured, Caroline embarks on a journey to save him and unite her family. Themes include bravery, family, and making wise decisions.

Caroline was archived along with her collection in Her Mini Doll and books are still available for purchase. American Girl has already created her BeForever version books. Josefina Montoya is a young Mexican girl living in New Mexico with her extended family. She and her family including her oldest sister, Ana who is married to Tomas and has two sons, and her two other sisters, vain and headstrong Francisca and practical and sensible Clara must adapt following the death of their mother before the books and the introduction of their mother's sister, Tía Dolores who later marries Josefina's widowed father , to the family circle.

Josefina dreams of becoming a healer like her grandmother and is taught in this by her aunt, Magdalena, her father's sister. Josefina has a pet goat named Sombrita. Themes include adjustment to loss, day-to-day life of the Mexican people, and the cultural and societal changes and influences that occurred once Mexico opened trade routes with the US. Josefina's family speaks Spanish and there are Spanish words and phrases in her books which are defined in the glossary.

Marie-Grace Gardner is a girl from New Orleans. Similar to Josefina, her mother died before the events of the series. She makes a friend with Cécile Rey in her first days in New Orleans, although the latter was not interested at first. However, changes are in the air. Soon, Marie-Grace's singing teacher is found sick with yellow fever. Her father, who is a doctor, saves not only the teacher, but others in his aid. She also rescues a baby and forms a close bond with other children.

Themes include the loss of family and caring for others in need. Both Marie-Grace and Cécile were archived in summer Though Marie-Grace and Cécile are best friends, they shared the same level of importance and a few items in their collection as well as a book, unlike other Best Friend characters.

She loves listening to her grandfather's tales about the sea. She meets Marie-Grace during one of her singing lessons. At first, she is not fond of her because she is white, but eventually warms up to her and becomes her best friend.

When Yellow Fever strikes her brother, she decides to use her gifts to help him and others. Themes include the loss of family and caring for others in need, and volunteering. Cecile speaks French and her French words are described in the glossary in the back of her book. Though Cécile Rey and Marie-Grace are best friends, they shared the same level of importance and a few items in their collection as well as a book, unlike other Best Friend characters.

Cecile was also the second African American character made by American Girl. The first being Addy and the third being Melody. Kirsten Larson is a Swedish immigrant who settles in the Minnesota Territory with her extended family. She faces the hardships, challenges, and adaptations necessary to adjust to life in America such as learning to speak English.

More changes include making a new friend outside of her own "world" and the arrival of a new baby. Kirsten was one of the first three dolls produced by American Girl in Unlike many of the dolls, Kirsten's books have maintained their original illustrations with the exception of the covers. Kirsten was officially archived on the American Girl website on January 1, Addy Walker was the fifth doll added to the Historical line.

Her character is a fugitive slave who escapes with her mother from a plantation in North Carolina to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , during the American Civil War. Addy's stories explore themes of freedom, familial love, prejudice and racism. The six-book series was written by Connie Porter and originally illustrated by Melodye Rosales and Bradford Brown, but were later redrawn by Dahl Taylor.

A stage adaptation of Porter's Addy book series was commissioned and produced by the Seattle Children's Theater in Addy was the first African American character made by American Girl, the second being Cecile and the third being Melody.

Samantha is an only child growing up during the Edwardian period although American Girl designated her as Victorian. The themes of Samantha's books include women's suffrage , child labor , and classism. Red Om Productions produced Samantha: American Girl introduced the concept of "archiving" in October when it announced plans to cease production of Samantha and her collection including Nellie.

Samantha was then officially archived on May 31, , but was later re-introduced in August as part of the BeForever reboot. Nellie O'Malley, Samantha's best friend, is an Irish immigrant who works for Samantha's neighbors and is befriended by Samantha. She personifies the working-class immigrant experience of the time and teaches Samantha about the conditions faced by children who are part of the work force. Nellie and her sisters, Bridget and Jenny, are orphaned and later adopted by Samantha's relatives, Gardner and Cornelia Edwards.

Nellie was marketed with a small collection of clothing and a book written by Valerie Tripp , Nellie's Promise , which chronicles the character's growth and adjustment to her recent adoption. As Nellie was part of Samantha's collection, she was archived at the same time as Samantha. It is unlikely that Nellie will re-released. Rebecca Rubin, American Girl's tenth historical character, debuted on May 31, Rebecca is fascinated by both various new American customs and the then-budding film industry , and aspires to become an actress despite her family's disapproval, though she still treasures and celebrates her family's Jewish traditions.

Her six book series was written by Jacqueline Dembar Greene and focuses on issues related to assimilation of immigrants while maintaining familial, religious, and cultural traditions. Kit Kittredge faces the hard times of the early-to-mid years of the Great Depression in Cincinnati , Ohio , as her family struggles to adjust to the realities of the economy after her father's job loss.

Kit was named after her mother and her Aunt Millie. Kit hates change, and dislikes being dependent on charities, instead preferring to learn how to catch the big fish herself, which spurs her fascination with Amelia Earhart.

She dreams of becoming a reporter one day. The books also depict her as being stubborn and somewhat fussy, as she finds chores around the house to be rather boring and tedious, but eventually regrets it after realizing her family's misfortunes, and learns to be more supportive and helpful.

Kit's core series of books was written by Valerie Tripp and illustrated by Walter Rane. A feature film Kit Kittredge: An American Girl was released to theaters on July 2, , starring Abigail Breslin in the title role. Many new items were added to Kit's collection as product tie-ins to the movie. Ruthie Smithens is Kit Kittredge's best friend.

The only daughter of a banker, Ruthie and her family is not financially affected by the Depression. Although they did at times offer help to the Kittredges, it was mostly in ways that would not hurt their pride.

She is depicted to have an affinity for princesses and fairy tales, most especially Andrew Lang's Fairy Books and Grimms' Fairy Tales , in contrast to Kit's more tomboyish personality.

Despite their major differences, Ruthie is a loyal and courageous friend who will go to great lengths to help Kit. Ruthie, along with Ivy, Cécile and Marie-Grace, was retired in August following the company's decision to discontinue the Best Friends line.

Nanea Mitchell is the sixteenth historical character and the 3rd BeForever exclusive. She is from the Hawaiian island of O'ahu growing up in the early 's representing the bombings at Pearl Harbor that ushered the U. She may be the youngest in her Ohana family , but she still wants to be useful and help. But before she can prove that she is ready for more responsibility, Japan attacks the military base in Pearl Harbor where her father works.

Her father is stationed in England as a doctor caring for wounded soldiers, and her mother works at the Red Cross. She, her year-old sister, Jill, her year-old brother, Ricky and her 6-year-old brother, Brad, are all cared for by their housekeeper, Mrs. Gilford, and she must cope with the many changes that the war has brought. Molly also realizes that she, too, has a part of helping soldiers.

Despite those changes, Molly has some leisure activities as well, such as skating, tap-dancing, movies and summer camp.

Molly's series focuses on patriotism and the changes that come with wartime. Molly was one of the original three dolls offered by Pleasant Company and is the only doll to be sold with eyeglasses.

Both were archived on December 31, , though Molly's mini doll and books were re-released in February as part of the BeForever line.

Originally a minor character temporarily residing with the McIntires in the book Happy Birthday, Molly! Since Emily is a minor character and not Molly's best friend, she was marketed instead as "Molly's English friend". As Emily is a part of Molly's collection, she was archived along with Molly.

Maryellen has strawberry-blonde hair with bangs up in a ponytail and green eyes. All three of her books, written by Valerie Tripp, were released on August 27, A short film based on her stories, with newcomer Harlie Galloway playing the title character, was uploaded on the video sharing site YouTube in November as part of American Girl's venture into digital content and independent film production. Melody Ellison is a nine-year-old girl living with her family in Detroit, Michigan , during the civil rights movement in the early s.

Frances' parents Melody's grandparents are Frank Porter, a florist; and "Big Momma" Porter, who teaches piano and voice. Melody's older brother, Dwayne, wants to be a Motown singer; [34] her oldest sister, Yvonne, is a student at Tuskegee University ; her sister, Lila, is in middle school and lives at home.

In her character's first book, No Ordinary Sound , Melody's cousins move to Detroit from Alabama; this is when Melody learns more of racial prejudice. When the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing occurs, Melody becomes fearful of going into her church, because the four little girls were in their church when they died.

In time, Melody overcomes her fear. The first book was released in January , although the doll wasn't released until summer ; a preview of the Melody doll was aired in CBS News in February A live-action web special based on her stories entitled Melody, Julie Albright is a young girl growing up in San Francisco, California in — Her six book series, written by Megan McDonald and illustrated by Robert Hunt , focuses on various changes and societal upheavals in American society during that time period: The America's Bicentennial celebration is also emphasized later in the series.

Julie was released September 10, and is the first character portrayed from a divorced family by American Girl. An American Girl Musical was officially announced as a planned theatrical release; [38] as of , little, if any, development has been made over the musical.

In lieu of this, a short independent film was uploaded on American Girl's YouTube account, starring Jolie Ledford in the title role. Good Luck, Ivy by Lisa Yee focuses on Ivy's conflict with her love of gymnastics and family traditions and responsibilities, and its "Looking Back" section discusses Chinese-American history. The Ivy doll debuted with Julie and was the first Best Friend doll to be released at the same time as the main character. Ivy was and still is the only Asian American Historical character.

Introduced in , the Contemporary Characters line features characters and stories set in the present day, but unlike the limited edition Girl of the Year dolls, they are available for at least a few years before being discontinued. The line also marks the introduction of an inch boy doll in the American Girl series, although the Bitty Baby and Bitty Twin lines have had boy dolls in their respective collections.

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee , Tenney Grant is an aspiring young songwriter who dreams to express herself through music.

Unlike dolls from the Girl of the Year line, Tenney, along with Logan Everett, are marketed as regular characters to be sold for an extended period of time than as limited edition dolls sold only for a year before being discontinued.

Tenney's sidekick and bandmate, Logan Everett is, in a break from series tradition, the first inch boy doll from American Girl. Released alongside the main character, he is depicted as a drummer for Tenney's band, and as with Tenney, the Logan doll also comes with a modified hand to hold musical instruments.

Suzanne "Z" Yang is an aspiring film maker and photographer, specializing in stop-motion pictures. Starting in , American Girl began producing a "Girl of the Year" doll that was exclusive to that year. Lindsey was on sale from to mid but a doll was not produced due to lack of sales.

Then Kailey was on sale from mid After that they were exclusively produced and on sale only during the year of their origination. The Girl of the Year is available until December 31, or until supplies last. Starting in , the Girl of the Year dolls were accompanied by films to tie in with their release. Since Kanani in , every character has an additional mobile app. Described as a girl "who is eager to help", Lindsey's self-titled book details the difficulties her impulsive attempts at helping with causes.

The character is Jewish and the book references her brother's Bar Mitzvah experience and party plans. A small collection consisting of a scooter set and laptop accompanied her release. She is the first girl of the year released in and retired in , and replaced by Kailey Hopkins.

Kailey Hopkins lives near tide pools in California and is an avid swimmer and surfer. When development threatens to destroy the tide pools she loves and surfs in, she and her best friend engineer a protest to make a difference. Kailey's collection included various beach outfits and accessories. She was the second girl of the year, released in , retired in , and replaced by Marisol Luna.

Marisol Luna is a nine year old girl who aspires to be a dancer. She moves from Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood to a suburb that does not have a dance studio where she can practice her favorite ballet folklórico dances. Introduced on January 1, , Marisol had an extensive collection of dance outfits and accessories. Marisol has medium skin, brown eyes, and medium brown hair. Her face mold is the Josefina Montoya mold. Jess McConnell accompanies her archaeologist parents on a several months-long expedition to Belize , where she learns new lessons about responsibility and preservation of history along learning new things about herself.

To illustrate her mixed Japanese-American and Irish-Scottish heritage, the Jess doll debuted with a new face mold. Jess is also the first Girl of the Year by American Girl to be explicitly biracial. Nicki Fleming is an animal lover living on her family's Colorado ranch who volunteers to train a service dog named Sprocket when her mother cannot fulfill this responsibility due to a pregnancy.

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