Compile a list of talent agents who actively send out talent to Gerber baby model auditions. You can find such agents in the Resource section below. Take a photo of your baby to send to your list of talent agents (preferably a 4-by-6 or 5-by-7).

All actors and non-actors are encouraged to submit! Skip to main content. They are looking for the following type:

A baby model casting call is searching for infants who are under 6 months old. Babies of all ethnicities are being hired to appear in the videos for the Boston based company. It is set to launch in.
Filming for season 2 is in full swing. A baby casting call is looking for infants to appear on the show. Casting directors [ ] View More And here is a adult and baby model and actor casting call available. The Fox TV [ ] View More. Families for Tim Hortons Commercial.
Girl 9 Magazine Model of the Year Print Modeling Casting Call for Lingerie Models, Bikini Models, Vixen Models, Eye Candy Models, Fitness Models, Artistic Nude Models, Pinup Models, Boudoir Models, Exotic Models, Erotic Models, Inked Models, and aspiring models with beautiful faces and great bodies that look good in lingerie or swimwear.
Free Casting Call One of the nations largest department stores is looking for child and adult models for their advertisement on
Cast Me Varsity. Join our cast of Varsity All Star Fashionistas by submitting a modeling application for consideration by June 30th, Eligible athletes are between the ages of and are All Star athletes currently involved on a team within an All Star program and for the entire .
Win Big Like Arly!

Current Casting Calls from the Bulletin Board

While only one model will be named the first rookie to appear in the issue, 16 women from the casting call will be selected by SI Swimsuit editor MJ Day to walk in the magazine's runway show.

Perhaps that's because the usual threats and blandishments don't faze them. You are never going to work in this town again. I'll make your name mud,' " jokes Jimmy Wagner, whose "baby wrangler" role on the set is to "direct" the baby, as well as to keep the hirelings happy and on cue. This is going to sound incredibly naïve and stupid, but I was under the impression that [you could] get the babies to do what you needed them to do.

Before Saltzman knew it, the show was held hostage by the eating and sleeping habits of 6-month-old twins. Saltzman's first miscalculation was trying to get babies to clap on cue during an early episode that featured a Mommy and Me class. It was a nightmare. Executives would come down to see how things were going and leave screaming.

So when Linwood Boomer, the show's creator, handed him a script that included a Daddy and Me class, Simons began to worry. The daring baby stunts would make Saltzman's experience look like a stroll in the park.

In the episode, Hal, the hapless dad, played by Bryan Cranston, persuades fathers in a touchy-feely Daddy and Me class to compete in a stroller race, a diaper-weighing contest and a drool competition, using a substance known in the trade as industrial slime. The coup de grâce: A steely director kept the set from descending into bedlam, barking out "Next baby, next baby!

The episode wrapped without a hitch. Still, it made me catch my breath to watch. For the shuffleboard scene, the show combined special effects with ambitious action shots. The TV viewer sees supine babies wildly tobogganing across the court. In reality, each baby is pulled along on a pad made of a visual-effects material known as a "green screen" that is invisible on film. As one of the gaggle of stage mothers that day, I didn't have a script for what came next.

But as my boys sailed along, it occurred to me that they looked like helpless insects, tiny limbs akimbo, bodies scrunched flat against the mat. Looking back, I wonder: What I was thinking when I put my little treasures to work?

My sons began their stint on "Malcolm" as the ittiest of these bit players. Housed in a distant room with the words "ND Babies" taped on the door—in television shorthand ND means nondescript—they played an anonymous baby in the last row of the Daddy and Me class.

And, to my chagrin, my rough-and-tumble boys would be cast as girls and outfitted in flowery pink. Only in Hollywood could my boys catapult, by lunchtime, from this minor part to the role of baby Jamie. Seemingly on a whim, the director told me and another mother to hold our babies side by side. After the viewing, I was handed a Jamie costume. The twin girls who had played the part for the last few months disappeared the next day. In succeeding weeks, my boys' fortunes would rise and fall just as precipitously.

One week they played lead baby. The next week, they were third string. The "Malcolm" producers usually keep three sets of twins ready to play a single baby.

Wardrobe has six identical costumes on hand to clothe them. Our manager, Kimberly O'Toole, warns me that our boys may be history once they start to toddle around too much.

She counsels me not to get too emotionally involved. O'Toole, a cheery, minivan-driving Simi Valley mother of triplets, has recast herself successfully as a professional talent manager. She boasts a stable of Hollywood babies that includes sets of twins. When my twins outgrow the role of Jamie, O'Toole probably will find their replacements. I try to heed O'Toole's advice, but it's hard to remain detached. Forget about parents slugging it out over the outcome of a soccer match.

It's even easier to get caught up in Hollywood beauty contests. Celebrity is the juice that lubricates this town, and it's easy to confuse it with actual achievement. My personal low point occurred one day when a director on "Malcolm" told the stage mothers that he needed a sleeping baby for the next scene. While the director and the assistant director and the assistant to the assistant director gathered in front of the studio stage to watch, all the mothers got to work, frantically pushing their double strollers to encourage drowsiness.

I was determined to have my babies drift off first so they would be chosen for the cameo. I thought about ignoring her, which might have been the appropriate thing to do in such a situation, but something about her accusatory tone got to me. Or maybe it was that we were sitting for too long and I was getting hungry and tired myself. She arrives 15 minutes after her call time. She forgot wipes and a pacifier.

No change of clothes for the baby either. The baby is screaming because he never got a nap. I equate these moms to the people who show up late for movies at the theater. They are frantically searching for a seat and to get a lay of the theater, but can never quite catch up. Ellie did end up booking that initial diaper print ad job. She had a diaper stylist and a baby handler nurse waiting on her.

We have, however, observed that the parents attending these events range from laid back and seemingly normal to completely off the deep end. The trick is to enjoy the experience and not expect anything in return.

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You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. A website by Thought. Featured image — YouTube. More From Thought Catalog. Send your baby's photo and her experience if any in commercials or modeling to the talent agents. Include a brief one page or less , type-written cover letter, with the photo indicating your interest in your child being considered as a Gerber Baby.

Many talent agencies will accept digital photos through email. Others prefer submissions by old-fashioned snail mail. Check with each talent agency to see what its submission preferences are. Your goal with sending the photos is to find agent representation. Response time varies depending on the agency. Take your baby to Gerber auditions. It is standard practice that agents receive a percentage of their clients' earnings. Upload your photo on the Gerber Generation Photo Search website. Photos must be in either Jpeg, Png or Gif format.

Make sure your photo is 2 megabytes or less in size. Enter the following information:

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A casting call is an audition process where people try out for roles in a film, play, television show or other type of entertainment performance. Browse our list of model castings for baby models and apply to an audition today! Find Open Casting Calls & Auditions Near You Shoots will take place between August May in New. Casting calls for babies don’t require a professional photo of your baby in order to attend. Babies grow quickly and change rapidly over time. You should have a recent picture of them to give to the casting .