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We spoke with corporate area manager and his name was Matt. I have been talking care of my son pretty much by myself, i still let him go to his dads every other weekend, I get nothing but nasty name calling, a lot of rude and disgusting emails, i dont say anything.

Karen Marsden-Keyser was born to Harold and Audrey Hood on November 14, , in Alliance, NE. She grew up on a wheat farm where she learned to love nature, flowers, and animals.
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Karen Marsden-Keyser was born to Harold and Audrey Hood on November 14, , in Alliance, NE. She grew up on a wheat farm where she learned to love nature, flowers, and animals.
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Its only 2 people at the location and the system is always down. Hello, my name is Erica. I sadly came in today to buy the all new triple Double crunchwrap and I must say was very unpleasant. There was no meat in it at all. I asked why they said they can only one spoon of meat.

I have pictures if you would like to see how it looked. I must say looks nothing like the one that we see on TV or in your pictures. So I quit showing up. The official Taco Bell online complaint form is programmed to freeze upon hitting submit.

Therefore you cannot actually file a complaint with Taco Bell. So I will complain here. I drove to taco bell today on my lunch break, walked inside and ordered. I then waited for 17 minutes, until the person who ordered after me got their food. I walked up to the counter and asked if my Cheesy Gordita Crunch was ready, and explained that the person who ordered after me already got their food. I told her no, and again explained that the person behind me in line got theirs and had already left.

She walked away from the counter. For the third time I explained what happened. After about 3 minutes of repeating myself, they walked back and finally began making my food. I went there two weeks ago and had to wait 45 minutes for my order.

Then after half an hour of still waiting I again asked and was told that they were now waiting on more chicken. I felt like I was just being blown off. Finally after 45 minutes I got my food. I was not even offered an apology for it taking so long to get my order. I went there today thinking that things might have changed, but again I waited half an hour for my order which was a T-6 with chicken and the taco was suppose to a soft taco with chicken upon getting my order I checked and I had gotten a T-6 but with beef and the taco was a crunchy taco with beef.

When I mentioned this to the person that handed me my food I was told that the order I got was what I ordered. I am married to a man from India and we do not eat beef or pork.

I only want what I order, not what someone thinks I should have. This place needs a whole new crew. I am still waiting on a callback from some that is in charge for a store in Durham NC. This has been going on going back to July 5th Then when you call corp they have no information.

The Delaware Ohio Taco Bell location is the absolute worst. This is the third weekend in a row that we have tried to eat here and have failed. The staff is beyond the point of rude. Mainly so a heavyset woman who is always working the drive through window or front counter.

Last night we went inside to order food. We were told our order would take 45 minutes to complete. I have never in my life had to wait 45 minutes for food at a fast food place. Cars were leaving left and right from the drive through, and 4 people who came in after us walked out as well. We ended up leaving and getting tacos from down the street instead from a local place. I never reach out to restaurants like this but I am so over it. You guys are losing money left and right due to poor management, staff, and service.

Contact form is a total waste of time on the site and does not work. Theres a young female at the legends location that doesnt speak that the cashier. I ask for here and my food comes to go. Shes rude and disrespectful. I am truly disgusted that a Taco Bell in Alabama refused service to police officers. You have lost me as a customer.

Hello, I just started at your company June 21, I was excited to start having a 2nd income for me and my son. I was at work on June 27, when I was carrying some trays to the sink I fell flat on my back.

Nobody seemed to give a crap they just continued to work. I slowly got up and was in a lot of pain. One girl that was working on dishes helped me up and asked if I was ok.

It took me awhile to get my breath. I Asked to go to the restroom. He asked me if I told anyone and I told him that they just blew off that I fell, He told me I need to tell a manager.

I pulled Clyde to the side and told him I could barley stand up straight due to falling. He disappeared for a few minutes to the back. Still yet I was taking orders at front counter.

Shortly after that another team leader or manger not sure came in the store. She showed concern only one and asked if I needed to go home. I told her I think I should. I am hurting really bad. She went to the back and then I heard them debating saying they will have to find someone to cover me and they sent me out the door. No accident report, no offer to go to ER or anyting. Next morning I woke up and could barely move. I called and made an appointment to my doctor because the pain was unbearable.

I got in and she said my muscles were quite tense and gave me some pain medication. I was not able to return to work so I told Donte I was unable to come back until I got better.

I get a message on crew up July 1st to do a accident report. Seriously you wait 4 days after I get hurt and offer to do one then? I told him I would get in there as soon as I could because I was at my other job.

Well I wrote Donte on July 7th and I asked I could come back working 4 hour days on day shift to get back in the swing for things and he said he would see what he could do. Well here it is July 20th and nothing. He did not put me on schedule and now I am behind on my bills again because he did not put me on there. My other job I get 24 hours a week and that is only reason I went to get a 2nd job. I have tried to be patient but this is getting ridiculous. Please I would like some compensation for all my loss of work due to lack of good management at this location.

I have all the proof I need to get an attorney. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you guys soon. For sure get an attorney! I asked for tomatoes, and she gave me picante. I did not ask for onions. I threw five bucks away. Waste of time and money.

But, lo and be hold, they will about mine. It will be miracle if you get through. I made a complaint to the manager but all she did was offer a refund though I was to hurt to drive back. Unfortunately the complaint phone line for Taco Bell Head Quarters was not available to help me so I kept the receipt and the plastic with an uploaded video for proof.

The next time the store in Phenix City, ALA gets robbed, tell the cashier to call their mama, not the police. I will never eat at Taco Bell Again. It is disgusting that you would allow someone like that to work at your store. I have to say that the Taco Bell food chain has become one of the most careless food chains I have ever seen.

I would just like to say the Phenix City, Alabama taco bell on Saturday night the 16th of July refused to serve law enforcement officers. This is so horrible to do this to our police who protect us.

I think the person who did this needs to be fired. I will not eat at another taco bell again. I attempted to send an email initially, but apparently you have taken down that option. You should be seeing it on national news soon. Rather than beat around the bush, Let me say that as much as I love you food, I will not be a customer for Taco Bell or any other Yum Brands until this has been dealt with in a satisfactory manner. Not only is the cashier at fault but the entire management team that fostered an atmosphere that allows this to be accepted.

This is unacceptable and needs to be corrected NOW! I went to the only taco bell in marysville Michigan, and being they cannot get a simple drive through order correct I had to go inside , and they still got it wrong. Totally left out two things off my order, I called back and immediately the manager gave me attitude. I drove to that store to give them my business , and I get and attitude. Piss pore, what are you training your managers.

Taco Bell at W. So here I am, adding to all of these other complaints about bad customer service. I waited in the drive thru line for about 15 minutes, then pulled up to get my order.

The kid working gave me the completely wrong order. Im so glad i noticed it before driving off. He took that order back, and I proceeded to wait another 15 minutes for my food. I got home to find that my nachos were missing. The whole thing was just terrible. And does anyone even reply to these comments? Hope to hear from you soon. I was recently employed at a taco bell in my home town.

I quit because of the work condition at the store. I have worked at many different fast food and restaurants. I love working in fast pace environment and giving good customer service is a very satisfying. I understand that customers are the most important thing to a restaurant but the employee are the cogs that run the restaurant machine. The managers never seemed to really care about what went on customer would come to the front counter and wait for someone to help them and a worker would appear and non shalontly take the order.

Any problem was handled well to the eyes of the customer but behind the scenes was degrading comments and misplaced blame. Breaks would be taken in excess without consequence. Unsanitary conditions and food preparation were a result of overworked and ill trained workers on nights and the day shift could care less. Schedule were never done and people tend to just not show up. I tried to do my best I would come in early and leave late. When I was hired I was to be a shift leader but as one week turned to two and three realizing that I was just getting the run around I saught other employment and still am.

Leaving my local taco bell behind me. I live paycheck to paycheck and need every dime I was upset and we had word both talking with raised voices loud enough for the whole store to hear. After a couple days of checking the mail I went back to the store to see if I could get info about my check one of the manager that I had a good relationship with informed me that it was in the safe the whole time.

With people like this in power I feel that you store is in jeopardy of getting a bad name if not being sued. If you need any more information names location and other employee info please let me know. You are not alone in this! The Taco Bell here where we live there is misplaced blame. Management taking excessive breaks while still on the clock. An the good employees they have work their asses off with no appreciation.

The good employees are threatened with losing there jobs on a daily basis and threatened with write ups that are unjust. The owners know but little is done to correct it. Crime is high here one employee was attacked in the parking lot, there has been a hit and run, an employees vehicle was stolen out of the parking lot.

An all this has happened becuz the owner is to cheap to put cameras up at her store! This is a huge liability. There has been workers that have had miscarriages and been made to continue working and were told by management to toughen up. Another employee had a heart attack at the age of 25 due to the working conditions and the stress of working there. The Rgm screams, yells, and swears at employees in front of customers. Its pretty bad here as well! All I ask is for no sour cream.

Today, I decided to check at the end of the drive thru, and there was extra sour cream on my food. So I went inside and was not upset about it because I understand mistakes happen, but the lady inside seemed irritated that I came in with my incorrect order. The guy taking the drive thru orders was also running the drive thru register and taking my money, which is fine, but somehow my order continues to get messed up so there is some form of miscommunication going on between the employees.

All I asked for is no sour cream. This has kept me from going to Taco Bell to begin with but today, I decided to go. And then I sat in the drive thru line and then had to wait in line inside.

Please thank the manager for me from the bottom of my heart. You had better not let these people get away. If I had a business, I would hire them away from you. I read all these complaints. Not here, please thank them for me!

Taco Bell in great bend Kansas is a joke and the store stinks. Will take place July 2, We will be holding raffles as well as silent auctions. Your donation would be awesome and make this event even better. IBAC3 Thank you. I am a employee at taco bell on sheldon rd in channelview tx and I just wanna know why my hours are getting cut. I went through the drive through and ordered 16 crunchy Tacos and some desert.

Brianna handed me one box of Tacos and one box of desert. I get home 4 Tacos short. I tried calling three times but no one would answer the store was not busy. I ended up driving back to get the rest of the order.

Really guys, I have a number of options for Tacos in the area. Why steal from me. Do you teach your staff to lie to customers? My order is When I ate my taco I felt something strange so i proceed to spit out the food.

There was a date stamped price tag inside of my taco. Immediately my appetite was gone. Something needs to be done to insure that this does not happen to anyone else especially a child.

I look forward to a solution. I have been to this location several times and have usually not had a great experience like you would expect from any Taco Bell or KFC. On this occasion, it was really bad! First off, I was told there was no ice for my soft drink before I ordered. Second, I almost slipped on a puddle of water because some machine was leaking water inside the kitchen area which was coming into the dining area. I also tried to see who the general manager of the restaurant usually posted on the outside glass of each store and there were none that were visible was.

Something really needs to be done about this restaurant before more people stop dining there! Then a few sec later said not really in an angry manure. So we order we fixed our drinks and as I was fixing mine she was sweeping all around my feet. Mumbling something and hollering from the bathrooms to another member slamming doors to the cleaning room and at the time to lock the outdoors she was also slamming them.

She also asked my wife to move her feet so she could mop. So after receiving our meal They brought our meal in to go bags when the the receipt stated dine in. My daughter in-law posted cheers and jeers and got into a war with the team members. One of the wars on that site was we where not there until she sent the receipt in a post and then the said the manger reviewed the surveillance tapes and said the matter has been handled.

I am at taco bell right now in surprise, az. The location is off waddell and litchfield. I am very disappointed in this place. The last few times we have come to this location, the workers girls are really noisy, screaming at each other in Spanish, they stare at there customers and i will never come back to this location in the morning.

The manager Anna she is really rude. Can I just get five dollars worth? I swear that is going to be my order at my next visit. During my last two drive thru visits, they got the order wrong both times. Today I went inside. Since I was the Only customer inside the building, I thought …. We were in a hurry to a doctors appointment across the street.

What we got was something absolutely full of Sour Cream. We should have checked the order I know. As the only person in the store, they could have been a little more prompt also. The cash register receipt said We got the food at I was an employee at taco bell and had to leave because of how dirty and disgusting of a place that it is. There are more flies in that store than at the butterfly Pavillion. And they dont even wash their hands before putting on the gloves because its already sanitary with the gloves.

To be honest this has been goin on for past 2 years… I really feel like someone over these general managers need to come to the store and take over is ridiculous…. I am not an employee. I had taco bell a few days ago for dinner and ended up very sick and missed three days of work. I called my local taco bell to get the corporate number so I could contact someone who would be able to actually do something and the manager hung up on me. She was very rude and tried to tell me that there was no corporate office and I could only fill out the survey from my receipt.

After she hung up, I called back to finish my call and there was no answer which only further infuriated me. I have called six times in the past hour and the signal has been busy every single time. Do you really have middle schoolers running your establishments?

You proved me wrong! I really hope that someone from corporate can go out to that location and straighten everyone out! This is beyond ridiculous! Agree, tried to order, they never received it. I have worked at Taco Bell for a year. I work hard and I never ask for a raise.

I just got a new boss, who finally gave me a 50 cent raise. I am extremely poor. Because of this I am afraid to report the actions of a new manager-in-training. He was a whiny, ignorant rich kid beforehand but now he has been given power.

We were extremely busy and shortstaffed the other night. Even though I stayed 6 hours past my shift when I was exhausted and repeatedly stressed that I had a BIG day tomorrow, I was forced to close and not thanked for it.

And by the way, my busy schedule the next day was ruined; I had a choir performance that I had no voice left for, and I missed a rare family reunion that I was too exhausted for.

The manager in training screamed and yelled all night because he was frustrated and made racist jokes non-stop. I am white but they make me so uncomfortable. I have worked with many hateful horrible people at taco bell, especially homophobic and racist ones, but never have I worked with someone so immature and emotionally damaging to me, and that is saying a lot. He does he job decently, so I know Taco Bell will never fire him. I think I reported it to the head quarters but not sure I was in contact with headquarters.

The girl was trying to do her job an move along faster to avoid him an she was so nervous. I worked at Taco Bell in enterprise Alabama and they have not sent me my last check I already messaged one of the managers about it. Store This is the worst Taco Bell experience I have ever had. I requested 2 XXL burritos, 1 with everything and the other with no beans.

I also ordered 2 orders of nachos both with extra cheese. By the time I placed my order to the time I received my order was a total of 16 minutes waiting in the drive through lane. When I finally got to the drive thru window, I observed 4 employees standing at the counter talking. When I finally got my order and made it home, I opened the bag to find 1 bag of nachos had 8 chips in it.

The extra cheese that I ordered and payed for had less than half of the cup full of cheese. Upon taking a bite into my XXL burrito with no beans, it only had beans in it.

I do hope that Taco Bell addresses the issue. Please let me know of a better Taco Bell in the area where I can get food and service that I am more than happy to pay for as I will never go back to that Taco Bell.

Me and my husband ordered two double dillas, one chicken and one steak. The food that was given to us had barely any scraps of chicken in one and very few tiny bits of steak in the other. Hardly any cheese and no sauce what so ever….

Once we got home and found this out I imminently went back up to the store and asked for a manager and was told this: I then got angry and asked for a refund.

I gave them back their food which they took back through the window and the man gave me wet money… Are you kidding me? When I got back home I then attempted to call and got a busy tone from the store number which is By this time I was so over this company and the employees they picked to represent them.

Seriously I was so upset by this time I vowed to spread the word on how taco bell treats their costumers by ripping them off, not giving the food they order, and then giving them possibly spit on money… I will be telling people how I was treated in every social media outlet I can. San Jacinto ca the worst crack infested people food not cooked or not even in the taco or over cooked tast like crap is been this way nobody cares they are all liars bullshiting creeps they need to go out of business this experience is from one visit after the last visit was promised a change that was over 6 months ago nothing changed same crap.

I understand it was the lunch rush but I have worked at fast food restaurants so I get it but at the lunch time rush is when you have to move faster. I spend my whole lunch waiting. The young lady who took my order looked like she hated life. I wanted to yell at 2 of the girls who were doing nothing to help him out cant you see there is 8 people standing around starring at you guys waiting for there food who need to go back to work.

My taco fell apart, there was barley any meat, cheese or lettuce in chalupa. The guy was taking his time on each order I thought maybe it was because he took pride in each order but no its just because he was slow. It was such a depressing lunch. I just wanted to let someone know.

The people of Porterville deserve better than that. Customer service should be at an all time high. Thank you for your time. My daughter and I went to taco bell on Monday may 30th , they were completely out of burrito shells. This is not the first time but being a Taco Bell restaurant and this is your main source of making food products this is ridiculous the address is West Cumberland Gap Parkway Corbin, KY They have also been out of lettuce and sour cream on several occasions never even offering to substitute, take my name down to make it right.

This is a poor excuse for a restaurant, corporate headquarters needs to know what is going on!!!! This is ridiculous and gives Taco Bell a bad name.!!!! I would love to speak to someone at the corporate office to also give them more information this is went on for years this is my hometown I can be reached at the number and information below store number is The Corbin Taco Bell is poorly ran or it was the last time I ate there, it was so crappy I decided just not to go to that one anymore.

Please bring back the Bell Beefer. It was totally awesome. At least give it a try again. He pulled up and the woman working the drive thru asked if he was ready to place his order…He asked for a few moments to look over the menu and she said order when ready.

So after a couple of seconds he said he was ready to order…there was no reply on the other end. Another five minutes when by and still he was unable to place an order…or have any communication with the woman working the drive thru.

My husband said that this is bad customer service and all he wanted to do was place an order and there was no need to be rude. I will never again eat at Taco Bell and I make it my mission to tell everyone I know and use social media to inform the world about this type of behavior and treatment that we received just because we wanted to place an order in the drive thru.

Natasha is a poor worker ad should be fired. Lorie has to constantly stay on these people to get them to do their jobs. Natasha you are so fond of is so lazy and racist that she has one foot out the door.

Please avoid our store from now on. You are not the kind of customers we need! Thank You, and hope you enjoy McDonalds. The order took at least minutes at noon as someone was on a break why would you give breaks right a lunch time the busy time. I order 2 Fries Supreme and seriously I got maybe a tablespoon of each topping and that was it. Supreme really you would think that says it all. Person taking orders at front and drive thru. Front door barely opens.

Grinding on floor tiles. Dining room floor so sticky you can hear your shoes sticking. Help is so frustrated, you can hear it when they are complaining to each other.

We love the food, but this restaurant needs serious help.!!!!! One of the closers, named Jose, has been repeatedly and mercilessly harassing a recent rehire because of his sexuality. As Taco Bells Code of Conduct states that Suppliers maintain a safe and healthy, nod-discriminatory work environment, I am writing to express my anger and frustration at the blatant disregard for company policy as this treatment is neither safe, nor healthy, and is certainly discrimination.

I sincerely hope that this is dealt with in a timely manner. So I am just going to put this everywhere I can. This was the worst restaurant experience I have ever had in my life. I am really a very nice person and very accepting of mistakes. But when I told the cashier and the manager that this is not what I ordered and if I could get what I ordered, they acted like I was complaining over nothing. They got my order right the second time, but I got food poisoning that night.

I noticed a lady in the back staring at the counter as though she was waiting for me to come get my order. I walked up and she continued to stare at me. I gave a light wave and told her thank you. And went back to our table. It was literally the only thing I ate all day, due to an unusually busy schedule I had yesterday. I can go into more detail about that if necessary. I got sick 3 times last night and 2 times this morning already. Not to mention how bad I felt and the stomach cramps.

I am so irritated by this situation. You know what makes it even worse? This location is fairly new, I was really excited when it was built. When I went to write a review, I noticed how many bad ones there were already on this location. So a new store, nice and clean, ran into the ground from the very beginning.

Let that sink in. Thank you for your time, thank you for reading this! Also a black guy said he did not care about what I wanted after a co worker said he needed to help me. I felt so disrespected. The manager had no control over her employees at all.. I have a great new marketing strategy, for new product for Taco Bell, could be huge, and could possibly target a whole new base of customers. If you wanna know the plan contact me at the number listed below.

Our last visit was on Monday, May 16, at appx. We placed a very simple order and they still seemed how to mess it up. We usually get short changed and I know it is a fast food place and you get what you paid for but if they keep messing up the order and you do not get what you paid for they are making off of you. I will have to think really hard on every going back to that Taco Bell and maybe any other one. You should seek legal advice. You need to speak with a lawyer in your community.

In Ontario, the parents can inform FRO — our enforcement agency — of the change and request that the support payments be stopped. I had heard that there might be something that considers living in someones home free of rent that could cound towards the child support payment? If this is true, would we then be able to calculate the amount of support paid during the period she lived in the home to have retroactive payback? You should speak to a lawyer.

Your question is unclear. The mother and children were residing in an apartment in the home of the support payor, presumably the father? The father now wants to set off his child support obligation for alleged unpaid rent owing from the mother? The mother may, or may not, have other claims in addition to child support such as spousal support or alimony.

Before he contacted me, he asked me if I was planning to get some money from him, I told him that I had gotten married when my daughter was 4 and that her stepdad had taken care of her.

Can she at age 22 file for child support and she does how far back can the court go. See the previous comments and the issue of the jurisdiction of the court to consider support for adult children when a claim is not made with court before the child turns If you reside in Ontario you would have an uphill battle.

My daughters mother had me served for child support but my daughter doesnt even live with her, she resides with her grandmother on papers…but is with me most of the time. She did this bc I told her she should be spending more time with her and i couldnt get her every Friday, only every other Friday.

I have her Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and every other weekend and the rest of the time she is with her grandmother or my mother. Her mother is hardly ever with her and has always threatened me with court if i didnt take her on other days when she was supposed to be with her.

I want to go for full legal custody but the court system always favors the mother. If I can prove the mother doesnt even reside where my daughter lives and is with me most of the time will I still have to pay child support? And what are the chances i will be granted Legal custody? Custody should be determined by parenting plans and the best interests of the child.

Support is also complicated. If the child is residing with the grandmother then perhaps child support she also be paid to her. Once custody is determined then child support can be sorted out. You should get legal advice from a lawyer in your community. I have three children. Two kids live with my ex and and one lives with me. The two who live with my ex are 14 who is going to schhol and 18 who chooses not to go to college, graduated and is working full time.

The child who is living with me is 21 and going full time to university. Since my 18 is working and going to school and since we each have a child to support, does this mean that we each support our own child and I do not have to continue paying child support? That would be one way to do it. Or you could calculate the amount each parent would pay for child support based on their incomes for one child and then set these amounts off.

This might result in an adjustment if one parent earns more than the other. Another consideration would be sharing the expenses associated with child going to university and sharing these expensives porportionately. Child support is usually paid to the parent or guardian who has care and custody of the child.

The support is not paid directly to the child unless the child is living on his or her own. HI there, My ex and I have an informal agreement, that is, we have never had lawyers involved as we have always dealt with support and visitation amicably.

My ex was out of work for a while, and had just had a baby with his new wife. At this time, I did not enforce support because I knew they were really short on funds.

Now, however, he is working full time although making only minimum wage I think and his wife is back to work full time.

He has not paid a dime in support since he went back to work, and has ignored all requests to revisit the support issue. My son is 16 and needs new clothes, and obviously food.

If your ex is not agreeing to pay child support and is ignoring your requests, you should go to court and seek a child support order. My daughter is attending University this September and her father wants me to put his child support payment directly on her student line of credit since he said that she is not living with me during those months in school.

He also said that he would get a court order to redirect these support payments if I do not do this. What leverage does he have regarding this. She is still an independent and I am her custodial parent.

In Ontario court decisions regarding child support and post secondary education vary. One idea would be to have the child support paid during the summer months and school breaks while your daughter is living in your care. For the balance of the year the parents could share the expenses tuition, rent, room and board, books etc. Some consideration should also be given to whether or not your daughter is able to contribute towards the costs of her education. He said that is all he can afford.

My daughter will have a part-time job at the university when she goes, and will be contributing her summer job money funds towards her school as well. So, the way I look at it, is that I should disperse his support payments towards my daughter as I see fit until she becomes an independent.

I have 8 years old daughter. I called a lawyer but he told me that I need to hire a private investigator to locate him. I tried to contact a mayor of Mississauga, a Councillor in my area but they refused to help me as well. I know from his family that he is working.

He is coming to Toronto occasionally as well. He was taking FSL in Montreal and few years ago a government was actually helping him with a social assistance.

The irony is that at this same time everyone around refused to help me. Do you have any advise? Where I can get an answer. You should meet with a lawyer in your community and seek some legal advice. If the other parent is not producing income information you may be able to ask the court to input an income to this parent and base your child support on the inputed income. My father and my mother have been separated since I was five. My father has never paid a monthly amount to my mother.

See the comments made earlier regarding the jurisdiction of the court to make child support orders when an application or claim is not commenced prior to the child turning It is important for your mother to get legal advise and act in a timely manner.

I moved away and left my 17 year old in his fathers care that was the right thing to do at the time. He sued me for support and won- understandably, but he makes more than 3x my wage and the child has never lived with him since! He now lives with my brother and I feel as though the father should have had a responsibility also!

Especially since I am still paying him and cant seem to find the way to get out of the situation. My child turned 18 today and I am still ordered to pay his father until he is he is not in school, not living with his father, not too fair HELP! It might be an idea for both parents to pay some support to the brother who now has care of this child. However, if the child is an adult and no longer attending school then he or she may no longer be a dependant requiring support.

You should get some legal advice specific to your situation. Hi there, My husband paid child support for many years and was never in arrears. He also paid for some extras for the kids sports and activities. The two oldest boys are school drop outs and are 24 and 27 now. So when the youngest, a daughter, turned 18 and was not continuing on with school he stopped paying all the support but paid for the boys up until then as well.

The daughter went to college for a few months and dropped out. After a few years she decided to go back to SAIT and now her mother is saying that my husband must pay child support again and tuition. My husband does not have a problem paying this but what our question is, how long is he responsible for paying for his youngest child?

We did not go through maintenance for the past 10 years. Can she go back for more money on past amounts paid? Is it possible for her to go to maintenance and get retroactive increases on the amount we paid over the years? Any and all info will be greatly appreciate. Thank you so much for everything. I have been having alot of problems with my childs father harrasing me , back in march he caused alot of damage to my home and car, while his daughter was there.

It may be necessary for you to seek a restraining order given the level of violence described in your comment. You should also seek legal advice. I have always paid my ex a month for 1 child … Now she decides she needs more and takes me to child support?

What ar my changes she will het more? If your income goes up or down so will your child support obligation. Here is the Ontario Child Support guideline table for your reference http: Its been almost 17over years and i have only recieved 1 payment from the biological father.

I have a court order and registered through child enforcement agency. I recieve letters every now and again but I just gave up because it was to exhausting to keep up with.

My son is now 17and years old and he could use this money for a car or college. Is there anything i can do to get the money that he deserved all along.

The father is a dead beat dad and jumps from job to job so he cqnt be located. He needs to pay now………my son has dealt with many issues because of his father.

Its his turn to suffer. Child enforcement agencies usually have a lot options to collect support. You may consider hiring a lawyer to take further steps to collect your child support. I am considering applying for child support. My childs father recently moved out of his ex girlfriends house n is currently crashing at different peoples houses due to the fact that he does not have his own place at the time.

My mom and dad were never together but my father knew i was his child and would ask to see me often when i was young.. If you are independent and on your own you could bring your own support claim.

However, if your mother is your primary caregiver it would be up to her to commence a support claim. What happens if my child lived with me for many years and turned 16 then decided to go leave with her mom cause she could not follow rules was never thrown out the house child decide to go on there own.

Is she still entitled to surport even tho they commiting fraud. The system needs to change to many woman abuse the fathers that always provide and get greedy and always want more. If the child voluntarily withdraws from control of the parents there may be an issue. But if the child is residing with the other parent and still attending school full time then you will likely be required to pay support in accordance the child support guidelines. I have a 7 year old daughter. Her bio dad has never given me a single dime for her.

I want to start claiming child support. I am prior Military and my husband is active. I dont work no more but im going to start going to school.

How would it work? Can i get backpay child support? She dont know him because he never wanted to see her. Here and there he txts me asking for me to Let her go see him. But, how can he think that ill send my daughter alone to go see him when she dint know him at all.

Please help with any info you have. If you reside in Ontario you would be entitled to child support. It may be worth pursuing. My ex recently sent my 17 year old son to live with his grandparents due to strife and discord between the two of them. Prior to his leaving, he tried to emancipate himself from her.

What are your thoughts? Support should be paid to the parent or guardian who has care and custody of your child. Here it would appear to be the grandparents. Hopefully you and your wife can come to agreement to this effect.

I have a question: He his father is now ill, he will be receiving ssi or disability, I have taken him up for child support yrs ago. The other mother has not. So therefore he owes arrears. He now wants me to withdraw my order so that his other kids can have some of the benefits, what do you think? If there are arrears you may want to consider a suitable payment plan. OK, He will be paying child support based on his ssi or disability.

His sister is taking care of setting up a bank account so ssi or disability can deposit it. Meaning my son will get pretty much nothing. And its unfortunate that he is now ill.

So my question is or rather how would you feel in this situation. I am not dropping my order btw because my son desires to be taken care of. I have been struggling for a long time, with out his fathers fair share of responsibility, or his family. His other kids mom has their good graces always has. His siblings do, she sends them money and visits them, they even have a name for her.

The other kids mom has more communication with his family. What do you do if the non-custodial parent is self-employed with his year-old father and year-old sister in the family business. He has multiple rental properties, flies airplane, is on different utility boards, etc. Should I take our former divorce attorney with me to a new hearing? Also, our year-old son just graduated from high school and will be attending college this fall.

He lives with my ex-husband. Will that make a difference? Child support is usually paid when parents are separated. Married spouses do not usually pay each other child support. In the beginning he lied to the court about his income and 2 years later they raised it and the judge warned him not to lie to the courts again. They were taking his payments from his pays and he paid consistently however about years ago he stopped paying all together.

They were intercepting his provincial refunds to pay his back support. The court told him he had so many days to show them a physicians note stating he was unable to physically work any longer. He never produced any thing from a physician. He is working as a contractor under the table and collecting welfare and has had 4 more kids.

Our child is only 12 and it is not fair to me that I have to raise him alone with no type of support at all while he continues to milk the system and have more kids.

Bring an Application in Ontario and ask the court to consider imputing income to him in accordance with Child Support Guidelines. How do I do that? I just am not sure why the courts arent questioning how he is living on welfare and why he is not working. In the US they make them get a job or they go to jail. I just dont understand why Canada would not do the same. His wife works the system also. The court can consider a number of factors when imputing income: I just have a quick question?

My boyfriend son has been liveing with us for 3 years now full time.. He has been paying child support on him to the mother that has custody of him every month.. Is their anyway he can get that dropped?? If the mother will not agree you may need to go to court and get a new order. I gave up my rights as guardian of my child at that time as well. We have been following the court ordered agreement actively untill she decided to move out of provinvce.

I decided not to fight it as I was concerned it would cause stress on my child. I have seen my child only 3 times this year. My child is 17yrs old and is reluctant to fly out here paid by me for a week durring holidays for the last year as they are into visiting their friends and doing teenage activities. I am wonderring a few different questions: Do I have rights for visitation at this age?

Do I have to pay child support if she has moved out of province? Can I have the custodial parent pay back the child support if there is at all any posible reduction of child support due to these circumstances? Thanks you in advance for any advice! Yes and no, will mainly depend on the views and preferences of the 17 year old 3. Yes, but increased access costs might be an appropriate set off 4. Would depend on the wording of the original court order or separation agreement 5.

Again not likely if the child is in school full time and still and dependant. See previous comments and issue of support for older children. You should meet with a lawyer in your community and get legal advice specific to your situation. I have a child that is 6 years old but I have never seen him up until a year ago when the mother came to me for child support. She was with another guy that has been in that childs life since birth and decided to leave her when he turned 5.

So she came after me for child support, so I am wondering do I have to pay for child support or should he be paying? I am currently paying not a court order and have been for the last year, but now I do not want to pay any more as I live in a different province so I never get to see him and I have no connection with this child, and its ruining my marriage.

Is there anything I can do? You will likely have an obligation to pay child support based on your income. If your income decreases when you are in college then child support would likely be adjusted at that time. Ok so i have been seperated and going through a divorce the past 2 years my ex husband has paid Never paid a daycare payment, and quit paying the little child support he was in April of this year.

Last i recieved from him was a wire to Wal Mart for We go to mediation in the next couple weeks, and our court date is in late September. I am praying that mediation works!!! I have been talking care of my son pretty much by myself, i still let him go to his dads every other weekend, I get nothing but nasty name calling, a lot of rude and disgusting emails, i dont say anything. I have a lot of documents that are going to help me. But all i want out of this divorce is for him to pay for either… the past 2 year of daycare services or back child support.

He says he not going to pay that, because he says i have claimed our son on the income taxes this past year.. Since we are going through mediation, is the mediator going to explain to him that yes you need to pay for back child support or back child care services. Or atleast explain to him what is going to fly and what is not? I have never been through it so..

I just wanted to see. Mediation can be a good start. But in light of his attitude you may require a court order to get the support you are seeking.

If you have primary care of the children it is your right to claim them on your taxes. Your exs base child support is based solely on his gross income before taxes. Generally a judge will go back 3 years for Retro child support.

I just have a question about getting support. I havent had time to call FRO but next month I am going to. Hi, I am really stuck here meaning what if my kids dad filed child support on himself because, he got caught cheating and moved out our apt. So moving forward now he is back and he has been paying child support and rent So recently he states that if your living under my roof then you need to call and have child support removed.

I stated since we argue so much when I move with you, I will pay you every month your money back to you from child support and I will pay you half on rent.

He states no that is grimmy. Why should I wit to get my money when you can just call and have it removed. I feel like at this point if you want us to all move together then you should be marrying me we have been together for 16 yrs. I have no problem with removing the child support. Remember I will still pay half on all bills. Are you asking the father of your child to pay child support even though he is living in the same home?

Can someone please help me? My son who is 17 recently moved in with me after his mother relocated with her new family to Colorado. I was paying child support to her up until she moved and no longer have to since he started living with me. I did not go after her for child support.

Does she have any legal right? You should consider paying the child support going forward to the grandmother. You should meet with a lawyer and get some legal advice. I also have a question. Parents never married; two kids; no formal or court-ordered child support; worked out an agreement themselves and use the guidelines for the amount.

Oldest child is now 18 and has graduated high school. He is not registered for any postsecondary courses, and they have agreed to stop CS payments. If the son decides to return to full-time studies in a year, would CS payments then be expected to resume, or is the son considered an adult after being a year out of school?

That is a good question Hunter with no clear answer. This may depend on the wording the agreement they worked out themselves. I was recently divorced and my husband had a baby with another woman during the divorce. We have no children together but he was ordered to pay alimony.

Since the divorce, he voluntarily signed up to pay child support to the other woman so that the amount of alimony I recieve is reduced. He was and still is living with this woman. Is that legal for him to do?

Can he do this? You need to provide child support for your daughter if she is in the care of someone else in accordance with the child support guidelines if requested. I was wondering my husband Pays child support to the mother of his child.. And he still pays child support to the mother.

What should he do? Not likely if he is not attending school full time. You should meet with a lawyer in your community and gt some legal advice. If your daughter is married she is not likely to considered a dependant and therefore your child support might be at an end. I took my ex-husband to court in He is never constant when he pays. I called the child support office and they can not do anything until he is 3 months consecutively past due.

My ex husband knows this and I think that is the reasoning behind why he pays right before the 3rd month. This is not fair to our daughter. In he fell behind 6 months and they revoked his license and he had to go to court to pay every month for months i believe. During the time he did not have his license I refused to allow our daughter to go with him. Is there anything I can do to ensure he pays every month? Or what can I do when he skips a month?

My question is if one of the parents have sole legal custody can that party be the onlyone who can claim the minor? I am a Mother of two children and currently going through a divorce. We tried to reconcile through that time until about a year ago. My question is, my ex has not been paying child support to me for our kids because he claims he is paying for our bills.

Our children and myself live in a condo that his parents own and they are threatening to kick us out because they are tired of paying rightfully so.

My ex makes a decent amount of money around , My oldest just started Kindergarted so she is gone from everyday. What can I do…. The father of my baby helps me out with our child but when i call to tell him what the baby needs he says he doesnt have money to wait for him a couple days or a week. Im getting tired of having to call him instead of him not showing more interest and me having to call him instead of him asking wat she needs.

So the question is if i decided to put child support on him would he have to pay the months he wasnt on child support? Our babys 7 months.. Also, he never divorced the other mother of his kids, if he has no income would she have to pay the child support? You can request a child support order from the court and also request that the order be retroactive for the months that child support was not paid.

I pay support for my two boys ages 18 and 20 they are both in school but have just been laid off our whole division. I worked at the same company for 30 years and have no other experience.

I am 52 years old. Some of it I invested in an RSP because I was entitled to a one-time contribution due to the nature of my layoff. Do I have to still pay support? My husband and his ex-wife have had shared custody of their 16 year old son for 16 years….

This past summer the son was caught smoking pot. Mother knew but they both decided not to tell my husband, the father. We found out last week. My husband and his ex-wife decided this time to punish him for pot smoking and decided to have some privileges taken away for 3 weeks. Though I am staying out of it, I believe they are manipulating my husband who had always been wonderful to them. He is a mess. Mom has been married and divorced three times and seems to not want to be bothered with her son.

Do we have any say in where he lives? My mom screwed my dad over four years ago by saying he made six or seven thousand more dollars on the child support information when he didnt so he had to pay something for me and my sister but recently since she turned 18 they redid it and hes now making the amount that she put on it 4 years ago so he has to pay the same but for only me now. My mom makes almost a month without it plus shes married to my step dad and they get his income yet shes always saying were broke and i dont know what she does with it and she wont even take me to get a new bra and the last one she let me keep on so long it left a scar.

Im sorry if this all seems stupid but i really want to know if i can get the child support sent to me directly since im 17 now. Thanks for reading this. Do I have to continue to pay child support for my 18 year old daughter who has a one year deferral to university? This is a grey area. If the child is still living with the other parent and is still a dependant then the obligation to pay the support during the deffferal period would likely continue.

My brother was just served with papers from Welfare that he needs to pay support for his son and step daughter.

He has seperated from his wife and she is now on welfare. While married to my brother FRO was involved to get the biological father to pay support for the daughter because she is not my brothers.

FRO was successful and the biological father was paying but eventually stopped and now works under the table to hide his wages. My brother realizes he is responsible for supporting his son but is he responsible to pay for the step daughter when an arrangement has already been established with FRO and he is not the biological father?

The obligation to pay support still exists but the Judge has discretion in setting the amount if support is also being paid by the biological parent. If the child is renting is he or she still a dependant? Is the child still attending school full time. A number of factors would come into play here. I have a seven month old daughter and recently found out I am pregnant again. I applied for cash aid this week because their father does not help me at all.

All he does is bring me a small pack a diapers every two months for my daughter and thats if i keep bugging him to bring it. My father has been supporting me and my daughter so i finally put my foot down and decided its time for her dad to help out!

I never denied him from seeing his daughter and i still wont but i feel unsafe of him to take her out of my sight since all his friends are gang members and i do not want that around my daughter. Should i file for full custody also? You should go to court and seek a custody order and access in accordance with the best interests of your child.

If my ex refuses to help pay for child care and is inconsistent in taking our children on the days he agreed to and I am currently unemployed because I have been a stay at home mom since our first child was born can he legally take the kids from me until I get a job?

I am currently not receiving child support from my ex because he claims to be paying for our living expenses. Hello, I have four children. Two, ages 11 and 13, who now live with their father, in Arizona, and two who live with me, in Washington State.

My 21 year old recently moved back in with me, finished college, and just recently got his first job, and we are giving him some time to get on his feet so he has a good start into adulthood, and my 15 year old also lives with me. I pay child support for the two in Arizona, as well as the full cost of visitation expenses. I have no problem paying a fair amount of child support, I love my boys and believe its my duty. The Father has an affair and now has a 2 year old child. The mother of the 2 year old filed for child support.

Can the mother of the 2 older children even receive support? Or does she lose out because the other mother filed first?

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