You'll find all sorts of tops and bottoms including workout clothes, short and long-sleeve shirts and outerwear, jackets, vests, pullovers, shorts and pants from top brands like prAna, Lucy, The North Face, REI, Columbia, Kuhl and more.

I am a woman and agree with Bennot the way he put it, mind you, but in essence, I agree. Look in the mirror and smile. Adorable Denim Short Sleeve Blazerjacket. Format see all Format.

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Women's Ski & Snowboard Jackets at Sun & Ski Find women's ski jackets and women's snowboard jackets at Sun & Ski. We carry the industry's leading brands to ensure our customers are getting the best quality gear that they can before they hit the slopes.
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Next, look at your shoes. Find something your feet look good in and look comfortable. Black and brown shoes are conventional, red, oddly, goes with a lot and can make life simpler.

If you're looking for one good pair - red shoes go with dark blue, brown or black, while black shoes - don't. After that it really is up to you.

A lot of style is attitude, so you need to be comfortable as well as look good. Keep looking in the mirror and keep smiling. When you get to clothes make sure they fit well. That's more important than anything, and one thing that can help you put an outfit together is to remember that two co-oridnating colors look good, but for style you need three. Even if you dress in all one color, as I tend to do, add a colorful scarf, if you don't like it round your neck, tie it to the handle of your contrasting handbag.

Before diving in to which stores to visit, make sure you take some measurements. You may be short and fat, but are you equally proportioned? I know I'm not - my torso is normal length, but my legs are not, so stores who sell petite length tops are no use to me, but I do need petite size in skirts and slacks.

However, I am 5ft 1. First and foremost I shop for clothes online because websites give you more information about clothes. I have measured myself and know what length of top I like - around 31 inches. I go through catalogues and websites and I'm ruthless - you have to be - if it's not the right length, I ignore it unless it is really fabulous, in which case I look carefully to see if I could shorten it myself. Whether you can find petite plus size clothes depends on how 'plus size' you are.

There are many ranges which will go up to a size 3x, Lands end, for example, do plus size petite to a size 3x but beyond that, no. For some reason if you are any larger you are assumed to be an amazon of at least 5' 9". JCPenney, for example, have a plus size petite range, but I could find precious little online above a size Internet searches aren't really useful either, as they often seem hopeful when a brand has a petite range and a plus range, but so often there is no overlap at all.

Lately Ive bought quite a few things from amazon. I've also bought quite a lot from Torrid. Their listings are very informative and since I know what length I like Ive been able to find some tops in their general range. They don't have many items marked petite but I did find some, though in my case ALL the dresses - and some of them are lovely - were too long, even in the shorter length, but I liked them so I'm taking them up. Some websites will make to your measurements - my most business like clothing at the moment comes from Astartewoman.

My underwear mostly comes from Torrid and the rest from all over the place. Old Navy sell slacks and jeans up to size 30 in short, medium and long. I know there are several plus size stores that will sell pants to any length you require, I'll try and update this answer when I find their names, sites like https: I'm not sure if that's been any help at all, but I am planning to update the article soon, or maybe write another, so if you have found a good experience in plus size petite shopping, please let me know and I can add it to the list.

This is a difficult one. Obviously, the fabric you wear makes a big difference; natural fabrics don't make you sweat quite so much as artificial fibers, but cotton, for example, is not the most practical of summer fabrics. Cotton wrinkles up in your suitcase and needs to be ironed. Who wants to do that when they are already too hot? Fabrics like cotton have no stretch, and that's another reason cotton garments are not always as comfortable as their artificial equivalents. For short heavy ladies, the problem is often that we tend to 'glow' a lot.

It's all rather unpleasant. I often suffer from heat rash if I'm not careful, so what's my solution? As always, I dress in layers and loose clothing; I like to stay comfortable.

If you don't like exposing your arms, a loose kimono type jacket is ideal, especially in a very light fabric like printed polyester chiffon. If you suffer from chafing, you may find trousers pants more friendly than skirts and check to see if your deodorant is just a deodorant or also an antiperspirant. I find spray body oil indispensable in the warm months as long as it's non-greasy as it helps to stop heat rash I get mine from Etsy in some fabulous fragrances , and I spray it on all over before getting dressed.

If you suffer from heat rash, you might like to get a good thick body lotion and add some lavender oil which is great for removing inflammation. I stick to basics, trousers or pants with a T-shirt try daily rituals on Amazon in the same color as they can make me look as tall as I can be I'm only 5' or 1.

If I'm honest, I avoid all those 'cool' fabrics we're told to wear in summer because I hate looking creased and I don't intend to spend my vacation ironing. I don't know what type of gown you are asking about, but I'm assuming you mean a formal gown.

In general, I'd say keep it simple and one color throughout. The photos of myself that I hate most are when I'm wearing something with frills, at my size 5x it looks ridiculous on me , so I'd say stick to a classic style in a color that suits your coloring and make sure it fits well, if necessary make small alterations.

If your dress has long sleeves, make sure they are the right length and fit well in width. A dress that fits well will always make you look slimmer. If the gown has no sleeves and you'd feel more comfortable with your arms covered, a complementary pashmina will usually do the job, and these can be found at relatively low cost on Amazon. Just drape around your shoulders and go.

If you are a pear shape, as most of us are, go with a slightly high waist and a trapeze shape. If you have a very large bust, don't pick a very low cut dress unless your bra is first class and you know it doesn't show. Can you go braless? Only you will know. I know I can't. Wear a necklace that fits; it should sit around your neck, not too tight, and not touch the dress at all. Pearls suit everyone and go everywhere. An alternative is a brooch high on the shoulder, both shift focus to your face from your body.

If you want to show off a small waist, take a good look at the effect of a belt in the mirror. Many short fat people don't suit this look, not because they're fat but because they're short and the belt cuts them in two, whereas tall plus sizes can get away with it. It's not fair, but it's true. Tight waists and puffy skirts look pretty on the hanger, but when you're short there isn't as much skirt as there should be and it can all look horribly wrong. Abandon the princess look and go for the goddess look instead.

Most importantly, be comfortable and be sure to try the whole thing on well before the event you're going to so you can fix any problems. My personal choice would be a high waisted, plain dress with no horizontal lines below the high waist, in deep moss green or black.

To make it super formal, I'd add a beaded bag, appropriate makeup, my favorite necklace, and some sparkling earrings. Don't forget shoes, but make sure they've been worn in and are comfortable.

Remember, they should be looking at you, not the dress, no matter what size you are, your best accessory is a great, confident smile. Thin women are easier to dress, it's just that simple. When something is almost flat, it's easier to make a garment fit, curves are more difficult, that's why you so often see the designers on TV Project Runway, for example throw up their hands in horror when they are asked to fit a dress on a plus sized woman.

Instead of being mostly flat, she goes in and out. Another reason is that you need more fabric to make plus size clothes. Fabrics come in fixed widths and the results is that the length of a garment doesn't matter much if you're looking at cost, what does matter is the width.

As size 5X can easily take twice the fabric of a small, for example. The third reason is that most designers rely on basic patterns which have been created for the standard sizes.

Those patterns just don't exist forf the larger sizes, so to cater to plus sized petites they would have to make a pattern from scratch, and the last reason is that many believe clothes look better when the proportion of the top to the bottom is similar to that on a 5'10 plus woman.

Having said all that, I think you'll find plus size models are becoming a lot more popular, however I can't recall having seen any who are plus size petite, and that's something I'm looking forward to. There is no single answer to this just as there is no single plus-size petite configuration. I, for example have a normal length torso and very short legs.

If you want a general answer I'd go for slacks as long as they fit well. A business suit is typically neutral in color. Dark neutrals will look great as slacks but they have to fit well and go with the major item of business wear, your jacket. Wearing slacks with a matching jacket will give a one color silhouette which will make you look taller than you would in a skirt where you are 'broken up' into shoes, tights, skirt, jacket.

However, beware the color. I once bought a 'neutral' that was a sort of burnt orange, and when draped on my 60 inch bust that turned out to be rather intimidating! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Thanks for your comment. I checked out the article you mention, but I have to say that although most of these stores do have plus size clothes - the majority don't cater to plus size petites which is what this articles is about.

I have had a good experience with some clothes from Torrid - I love their kimono's for example - and hoped to buy some of their pretty summer dresses, but they are all far too long for me and hence for most other petites. Once day, if Torrid do start to sell things our length, I will be adding to this article. Thanks for sharing the great information on fashion guide for the plus size petite which is amazing and really helpful to plus size women and video information given by you is really great.

Great article and video thank you! As a short and round person I find jackets particularly difficult. For the jacket to close over my bust it has to be massive everywhere else with mile long sleeves. Thank you so much for posting this. I couldn't agree more. Why do they seem to think all us plus size ladies are tall? Are you short everywhere? I know I'm not, my torso is pretty normal length, but my legs are really short and that makes everything a challenge.

Ive even had garments made to measure that didn't get it. I'm about to try another made to measure service, I'll update the article if it turns out to be useful.

I have always struggled to find a good fit in the clothing I like! I am barely above 5 feet tall and plus sized. It makes shopping for clothing a pain! There is a mindset that plus size means tall, I have yet to find a pair of jeans with a good fit for length. If something fits my mid section its miles too long. Knee length skirts on me are closer to either mid calf or close to full length.

Forget it i may as well just cut off those jeans that are too long and hem my own for capris. Shopping should be fun right? Hopefully in my lifetime a clothing line comes out that offers a bigger range of plus sizes! Short heavyset ladies can look great in stylish clothing.

I am a guy who always gravitated toward short heavyset females of the human species, especially in my younger days I'm over 60 now. Back then, I was very tall slightly over 6 ft. One short heavyset lady in particular, who became my girlfriend, got a real kick out of physically overpowering her tall skinny boyfriend who towered over her by more than a foot she stood 4-foot while she outweighed him by more than fifty pounds she weighed pounds.

It didn't take long for us to find out that her strength far exceeded mine!!! She easily outlifted me in weightlifting in the clean and jerk ; she easily downed me, and then she just as easily pinned me into submission, in wrestling; and last but certainly not least , she easily beat me at arm wrestling.

Her superior strength over mine was part of our physical attraction toward each other!!! Now due to getting very ill and given 2 courses of steroids I am now a size At 5' with wide hips I am 61yr old. I need to find something for my nieces wedding. I am finding myself very picky and cannot find anything because I know I need a full skirt and I do not have the prettiest of legs so if going with a dress I would like to stick to mid calf or midi.

If I have to go with pants and blous I have to go with a longer top to cover my hips to feel comfortable with my looks due to my hips. Why do people assume petite means tiny people? I'm not even 5ft tall with a 38 DDD size bra and size 10 jeans. My upper arms are like 43 inches. Way to big Its so frustrating how short curvy people get left behind in the clothing world.

I would love a post or even a site about dressing for various occasions--for the short and heavy, which I am. My main issue now, and how I found this article, is that I need to spiff it up for work, be more professional not just at trade shows and the like but on the day-to-day level.

I haven't worn dresses since I was much younger and smaller, size-wise; premenopausal , but now if I as an older woman want to keep my job I have to look more put together.

A tall order, so to speak! Any and all advice welcome. I'm thinking about investing in Eileen Fisher clothes, even though they're expensive. Thank you again for this article! Petite is ANY woman 5'4" or under! Why are you on here anyway? Are you a short cross dressing man? I'm 4'10" and weigh - way short and way overweight. The only thing I can find is womens plus and they really don't fit well. So if I listen to the naysayers in the comments about what defines a petite women meaning only small and slim women, then small and overweight women have no term to help them buy and categorize clothes at all?

The result of what they are saying is that we have no place in the world or that there is nothing for us or that we should remain invisible. Ben, Dave, Maria, Hannah: Why is it that men are the ones telling us women Ben and Dave Screw you both you idiots! We women are the ones who shop for clothes for women, not Ben and Dave unless you guys DO shop for women's clothes? For some bizarre reason, the clothing industry assumes that "adults" are average height or taller.

They have a complete store at most malls for women who are big and tall but no store for women who are big and short, except the plus size section for teens! Also, Ben from 6 years ago, I hope you have stopped trolling women's fashion articles these past years, but if you've not learned any lessons, we can do anything and everything to make "fat" girls feel good.

People have the right to feel good. You are a grade A "A-hole". I need help to find plus size girl clothes for 9 year old. She can wear a woman's size 10 but thone styles are too long and too old for a 9 year old. I need fun youthful clothing for her. The definition of petite according to the Mercian-Webster dictionary: Definitions are different across the board. Why would someone have something against "plus-sized" women being referred to as "petite?

And if being called "petite" makes them feel better, then so be it. Glad you liked the article and I can so relate to your problem! Like you, I have to wear one size larger to accommodate large upper arms and since fit is crucial to the way we look, it is a big problem. You are quite right, most of us ladies, whether fat or thin, tall or small, are our own worst enemy.

We are all worthy of love, but somedays it is more difficult to believe that than others! I'm so glad you've made headway with your demons, and if you ever solve the mystery of where large breasted women can find good bras, please come back and post the information so we can all share! Actually, it rather depends on the stripes and the person because not all plus sized petites are the same!

Hi AngeLuvsU, sorry this reply is late, I don't seem to be getting notifications when people leave a comment! I'm working on some articles about coping with different proportions, yes, us plus size petites are all short, but not necessarily in the same way.

Compared to me, 4'11 inches, you're a giant at five feet two, but I can relate to your problems; the great thing about humanity is that we are all different, but many ladies I talk to say the same, when they find something that fits it can make them look a little too 'professional'! Without knowing more about your precise problem it is difficult to advise, was the length or the neckline the major problem?

I've bought wrap dresses, had the hem taken up at the local dry cleaners and worn them with pants to dressy events, a great deal depends on the fabric. If it's plain it's easy to dress up with jewelry. Many shorter ladies find they look far better in full length dresses than short, if you go to town on the earrings they will take the focus away from your figure to your face, where it should be.

I hope this is some help, but watch this space for more hubs coming soon on the joys of being plus sized and petite. Ben and Dave, please post pictures of yourselves, because unless you're either a Brad Pitt, b George Clooney, c Bradley Cooper or d a greek god, you have no right to comment, let alone put any woman down.

Just because you are a larger size does not make you all of a sudden become taller or longer arms or wider shoulders etc. Wow this article was posted sometime ago but still really gave me alot of info. Im built like a Trex 40 H chest ridiculously short arms 26 inch inseam size Truly a nightmare when shopping for dresses. My legs and chest look nice in dresses but i cant figure style.

Last dress i bought was a wrap. Very sexy, to much so for what i need for a benifit dinner. I want the focus not on my chest. My problem is i either look short squaddie and boxy if it's not form-fitted and if its form fitted to accentuate my assets I look like I'm ready to get paid for a date. I agree and disagree.. I'm just now wearing empire waist line dresses that flow and hide but flattering to my chest and waistline. I bought my first pair of skinny jeans today..

I have learned and come to hate shopping! Bras suck for large chested short women that need major support..

My paints I bought the waist is big but fits everything down but length they are about 4 inches too long. I hat buying jeans for I have large upper arms..

If you buy your size in petite if you can find it It took me many many many yrs to learn to love myself.. I have great skin coloring.. I woukd like to be bold and say I dress only for me now but that would be a lie. I worry about how others see me. So I would never wear a mini skirt cause it made me feel good and in up on people of walmart.. I dress stylish for my age..

Just because I petite plus, fat, short and fabulous does not make me unworthy of love, kindness and courtesy. You do not know the struggles of others..

I have my own demons I fight daily as many of us do, I do not need help of others for low self esteem.. I see it every morning while getting ready for work.

Then I remember my montra.. Perfection, is my definition and fabulous is what I see I completely agree with you cut and fit matter, it doesn't matter what size the garment says it is, if it doesn't fit, it's not your size and you really don't want to wear it. I am constantly grateful for the existence of petite sizes, but one thing I've learned from the comments here is that we are not all petite in the same way; I for example am just less than five feet tall, even petite slacks are a little large sometimes I wear standard capris and they are full length while tops are just about right for me.

My torso must be normal length, my legs are certainly not! That's the wonderful, glorious thing about the human race, we're all the same, but we're also all different!

I wish I could give you an instant solution, but there isn't one and I sympathise because although my measurements are much larger than yours, I have a similar problem, necks are often much too low for me. There are only two good solutions, one is don't buy items with low necks! Pick a nice, simple boat neck, for example, or a short 'V'. The only other thing you can do is buy a sewing machine and learn to use it. Making your own clothes can actually be simpler than trying to alter clothes you have bought.

Find a pattern you like and adapt it, you'll find lessons on youtube on how to alter a pattern and start with ultra simple patterns. I started with patterns called Very Easy Vogue, usually the number of pattern pieces is a guide to how complex the pattern is.

Once you've had some practice, you'll find single patterns that produce a whole wardrobe, most are marked with lines where you make the necessary adjustments. Ben and Dave must have really small penises! I myself am 5'1 and not your typical size zero for our height. I'm a size So I often have the struggle of not being able to find things that fit right. I'm not fat, I rather I have bigger butt and boobs. Doesn't make me not petite like the men are trying to say in this feed.

Again, small penis syndrome will get to guys heads. Thank you for the article! Ok, For the record- yes, petite in clothing terms does mean short. Specifically under 5' 4".

Petite clothing also compensates for shorter sleeve lengths, shoulder width, pant length, shirt rise, etc In the US, sizes in petite clothing generally extend to size It can be difficult finding descent fitting clothing no matter your body type. Not all designers have the same cut or sizing standards. I am 5'1 and anywhere between a size 12 and For instance, I recently bought a black pair of slacks at Macy's in a size 14 short, and had to return them for a 16 petite because the waist cut was too high, and too wide with the regular size even tho a size smaller than petite.

It's all in the cut for me, same with tops. I have both regular and petite sizes in my closet but fit is key. I go with classic lines and clothing that isn't too busy.

Find staple pieces and brands that really work for you. I'll-fitted clothing- overly baggy or too tight a fit makes one look larger.

The way I see it, even tho it can be a challenge to weed out the perfect fit, we have more departments to potentially choose from petite, regular, and plus. If you find a brand and style that fits well- keep going back for more. And don't let the haters on this site, or others run you down What are they doing on a petite-plus women's website in the first place?

Thanks for the helpful tips and keep being fabulous ladies!! Me and a few gal pals are surprising a friend of ours with a make over. We are going to have so much fun! I am 5" and DDD, I kinda have waist only cause my hips are large very short between bustline and shoulders. I always have to majorly shorten any tank tops I buy or the front is past my breasts. I need help on finding clothes to wear.

I don't have the money to shop expensive or go to a tailor. I tend to agree. It is one thing to know what to wear, it's quite another to be able to find it, and that's not just down to size. As a red head I like to wear warm colors or autumn tones, these aren't easy to find in spring or summer wardrobe items.

Why do fashion experts think that those of us who suit, chocolate, bronze or deep orange only want to wear these colors in the autumn? I want to wear them all year round because they look good on me. Personally I think fashion experts have it all the wrong way round. They think it's the clothes that matter, when really it's the people who wear them. Thanks for your comment, if you find some clothes that are more to your liking, please post the details here so we can all shop there!

Fashion wise I didn't pick up any new tips that I hadn't already figured out but many of the tips are unusable in today's market because of the manufacturers. For example go to Talbot's Women's Petites - every striped sweater is horizontal stripes. I formerly wore almost exclusively Talbots when they knew how to make vertical stripes.

Ellen Liz Taylor used to make vertical stripped sweaters and shirts before it was bought out. I used to love wearing for example monochromatic linen pants and blazers with matching monochromatic silk shirts IN beautiful COLORS [not just black and white] but it is just not being made in any size.

Fashion has really gone downhill. I wish they was a boutique for short curvy girls. I have very large bust broad shoulders. Petites are too short and regular lengths way to large. I often buy misses tops and junior pants to fit better.

But often the tops are too wide around the waist. The struggle is real. I think this is probably the most useful article on the internet for short ladies, plus size or not - it's nice to know how to walk a little taller without having to wear heels. This article was great until I got to the comment section. For any men like Ben on this website you weirdos , "petite" when shopping for clothes means "short". If you don't like it, go be a fashion designer and change the word. Otherwise, if you are specifically into "petite-as-in-child-sized" women and are somehow offended by this article, you're gonna have to admit to yourself that maybe you're not into women, you're actually into children.

We just know that's what the industry uses to describe clothing that is short. This article is to try to help us find clothing that may work for our body type.

We know our size and don't need you defining it! If your not here to help why be here at all? I am 5'2" and gained a large amount of weight 4 yrs ago-quite rapidly-while eating an excellent diet and exercising regularly. I was 40 years old, and went from lbs. Turned out to be a result of perimenopause.

I was shocked to find out that no matter how much I exercised the weight wouldn't drop.. I was very large busted before and its worse now. I really appreciate sites that address this particular subject. Don't forget-many decent, wonderful, loving men find a little more "padding" to be attractive! My own husband definitely likes me any-sized.

You need to truly educate yourself before commenting! I love the comment about these hateful males who want "the best" "the most beautiful" etc. Those guys who are so hateful to overweight women who, if they were thin,wouldn't have the time of day for them. Men don't get it. They've never had to learn the difference between Misses, Ladies, Women, Petite, etc. I used to be able to shot at Fashion Bug and fit everything pretty well. Lane Bryant just isn't the same. That place is built for tall girls.

I can't fit anything there. Not a bash session for a body type. We are all made different. I am a very attractive woman on the plus size, I am 5ft and I wear classic beautiful clothes which bring in compliments all the time. Add an accessory, scarf chain, pin You nasty people out there who choose to be afraid of curves Some of you, no matter what you wear I'm in the plus-size petite range of clothing and it is very hard to find things that fit well.

For about five years now, I've been buying the majority of my clothing online from Talbots as they carry plus-petite even though my local Talbots store doesn't. Talbots carries everything in plus-petite: They can be rather pricey, especially the winter coats, but there are often sales.

Almost nothing feels better than having a winter coat that fits every place. No more sleeves covering my fingers, no more back-belts hanging under my butt like a sling when it should be at the back of the waist. Also, Woman Within, an online plus-size clothing store, offers petite-plus in some of their dresses, tops, bottoms, and even sleepwear. And at a reasonable price, too. Size see all Size. Colour see all Colour. Material see all Material. Style see all Style.

Brand see all Brand. Marks and Spencer Length see all Length. Size Type see all Size Type. Accents see all Accents. Modified Item see all Modified Item. Pattern see all Pattern. Fur Type see all Fur Type. Theme see all Theme. Features see all Features. Occasion see all Occasion. Condition see all Condition. New with tags 24, New without tags 2, New with defects Format see all Format. All listings filter applied. Item location see all Item location.

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